The Next Two Weeks in Weather – March 23rd, 2022

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Here is a look at the upper level weather pattern, over the next 10 days. The blue shaded areas are troughs of lower pressure (storms), and the orange/red shaded areas are areas of high pressure (warmer/drier weather)
Notable happenings:
  • Dominant ridge of warm high pressure will exist late this week.
  • Storm moves into California on Sunday, and impacts the Central/Southern Plains Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Secondary storms drops down behind the initial storm, and impacts the Rockies/Plains late next week into the weekend.
Here is a look at the forecast temperature and precipitation anomalies, for the next 10 days.

Looks warmer than average for most of us, for the next 10 days.

Average to drier than average for most of The West. A few exceptions along the Colorado Front Range, but that is what has been happening since the first of the year.
Obviously, we’ll have to see how the details shake out with both of these, and that will take some time to resolve. While it likely won’t be great news for everyone, at least the weather pattern continues to be more variable than it has been for the past few months.
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