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Redd Summit Advisors is a group of ranchers, policy experts, and GIS specialists that are committed to your success. After years of working as a team, we have become the experts in setting up PRF and LRP Insurance policies that help keep families ranching on their land. We’ve seen these programs benefit hundreds of ranchers in the United States and are ready to work with you!


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Steve Redd is a 5th generation rancher who raises cattle across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. Through his experience, Steve has learned first-hand what it takes to be successful on dry land permits. He understands that both the joys and challenges of ranching life are heightened when one has to earn their living with public land permits in some of the driest states in the nation. Despite being able to successfully navigate the arid nature of his allotments, Steve always struggled to get ahead, at least until he heard about PRF Insurance.

PRF stands for Pasture, Rangeland and Forage insurance. This insurance program was created by the Risk Management Agency (RMA), which is a division of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The purpose of PRF insurance is to help ranchers be more successful on dry land permits.

When Steve first learned about PRF insurance, he was unsure if the program would work for him and decided to stick with what he knew best—ranching. Thankfully for Steve and many ranchers in the nation, his journey with PRF insurance did not end there. A couple years later, Steve was shown the historical data for his land and learned that PRF insurance would have resulted in a net gain for the last 13 out of 15 years. Knowing this, Steve felt confident enrolling in the program, despite previously thinking it would be too large of a risk.

That following fall, a dry season hit Steve’s ranch with two consecutive months of below average rainfall. This triggered a claim with his new insurance policy, and Steve was able to not only meet his monthly quota, but he had money left over to help provide for his family and his ranch. When the same thing happened the next year, Steve began to think about the potential the PRF program had to benefit his neighbors, friends, and family who were also financially struggling due to times of drought.

With the experience of utilizing the program on his own ranch and with the knowledge that PRF insurance had saved his family’s ranch from financial ruin, Steve set out with the mission to help every ranching family stay on their land through the benefits of PRF insurance. In order to accomplish this goal, Steve has created a group of PRF insurance experts composed of ranchers, insurance agents, policy experts, customer support representatives, and GIS specialists. This group of experts will treat you like family and will take the time to ensure your success in the PRF insurance program.

After becoming established as the nation’s leaders in PRF insurance, Redd Summit Advisors began offering other forms of risk mitigation programs, including Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance. As with PRF insurance, Redd Summit Advisors has the goal to create effective policies that make life easier for our customers.

Contact Redd Summit Advisors today! We have seen Pasture, Rangeland and Forage insurance benefit hundreds of ranchers and we want to help you too!

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